Customer Engagement

We know that our customers want to work in green buildings, and it is important for Oxford to partner with them on sustainability initiatives. Our sustainability engagement program is focused on creating dialogue with valued customers in different ways at different levels, whether they are customer sustainability champions, building occupants or members of the general public visiting a building. The program includes customer green teams, lobby events, building tours, in-suite tenant campaigns, floor-by-floor competitions, and dynamic digital screens in our lobbies displaying real-time energy performance, sustainability tips and actions to take back to work.

Our program has engaged over 100,000 customers since 2012. Successes include:

  • Joint landlord-customer green teams at each of our directly managed office complexes in Canada and the US, covering 44 buildings in total
  • 72% customer participation (by square footage) in green team meetings
  • 90% customer satisfaction in our green team meetings
  • Over 5,000 kilograms of e-waste collected and diverted from landfill
  • $300,000 in annual savings by optimizing lighting performance and schedules across the office and retail portfolios
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What is a green team?

Green teams bring together Oxford and customer (tenant) representatives to jointly define a building’s sustainability goals, implement best practices, and facilitate dialogue and learning among all parties. Our joint landlord-tenant green teams meet throughout the year to discuss topics such as waste reduction, workspace plug-load efficiencies, lighting optimization, indoor environmental quality, comfort and wellness. These teams better align Oxford with the objectives of our customers and, in turn, provide our customers with a program that aligns with their sustainability priorities.

Photo of Marlee Kohn
We collaborate with our customers and properties through green teams to align and
build upon their sustainability priorities and interests.
Marlee Kohn
Manager, Sustainability
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