Supply Chain

Our service providers and suppliers are important stakeholders that help to continually improve the sustainability of our activities.

We ask suppliers to work in a way that we believe is best practice to achieve our social and environmental standards as outlined through our Sustainable Thinking Operations Guides and Responsible Contracting Policy. We also include sustainability-specific requirements in our procurement process with service providers and suppliers.

Our supply chain processes include:

  • Collecting performance data from third-party partners
  • Regular meetings with third-party partners
  • Checks performed by organization's employees
  • Checks performed by our external consultants
  • Supplier surveys and qualifying questions as per request-for-proposal processes
  • Writing key performance indicators into contracts, where appropriate
  • Incorporating environmental certifications, such as FSC certified materials and EcoLogo requirements, into the procurement process

Collaborating with our Contractors – A Day of Customer Service Excellence and Sustainability

In the fall of 2017, the Oxford Team held a workshop with over 20 key Contractor Leadership teams to help build a deeper understanding and commitment to our Customer Service Excellence and Sustainability efforts.

Photo of Marsha Rodrigues
I work with our partners to implement cost-effective, environmentally responsible
products and materials as part of our construction activities.
Marsha Rodrigues,
Construction Manager
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