We will be a leader in the development and operation of energy efficient, low-carbon buildings.


Carbon Emissions

Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy

Targets Status
Climate & Energy

Carbon Emissions

Reduce scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions, on a per square foot basis, by 30% by 2025.
(2015 base year) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Procure electric vehicles for all new Oxford light duty/passenger fleet vehicles.
(2019/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Pilot the monitoring of embodied carbon for at least two major renovation/new development projects.
(2020) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Energy Efficiency

Achieve an Energy Star score of 80 for all of our office buildings.
(2018/Ongoing) (Canada/US, Office)

NOTE: Target achieved by 45% of sites in 2018; sites experienced an overall drop in scores due to Energy Star methodology change; target adjusted to 75 and extended to 2021.

Develop and implement global best practice energy performance standards for all major renovation and new development projects.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Procure 100% LED lighting
(2019/Ongoing) (Canada, Hotels)

Net Zero Carbon

Pilot the CaGBC Zero Carbon Building Standard for two new development projects to reduce carbon emissions.
(2021) (Canada, Office)

Pilot a long term energy/low carbon strategy for one master planned asset.
(2018) (Canada, Retail)

Renewable Energy

Develop 1,000,000 square feet of rooftop solar projects.
(2022) (Canada, Retail/Industrial)

Pilot a rooftop solar project to increase renewable energy generation.
(2020) (US, Office)

Procure 100% renewable electricity.
(2025) (UK, All Asset Classes)

Conduct a renewable energy generation feasibility study for all major renovation and new development projects, where appropriate.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Energy Storage

Pilot an energy storage project that utilizes batteries to reduce peak demand and energy costs.
(2018) (Canada, Office/Retail)

NOTE: Team continuing to review the business case and pilot opportunities.

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