We will engage our stakeholders, create outstanding buildings and places, and give back to our communities.





Targets Status

Placemaking Strategy

Develop a community placemaking strategy that brings people together and builds a sense of belonging, through meaningful programming.
(2018) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Volunteer Days

Support employees to engage in at least one dedicated volunteer day/year.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Community Programming

Cultivate spaces for philanthropic, entrepreneurial, and artistic partnerships within our leasable and common areas.
(Ongoing) (All Regions, Office, Retail)

Real Estate Education Leadership

Engage future generations on the benefits and values of the real estate industry through educational institutions and industry associations.
(Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

National Living Wage

Pay at least the National Living Wage to all staff employed directly by Oxford and encourage Tier 1 supply chain to pay the same.
(2022) (UK, All Asset Classes)

Job Creation

Develop and implement initiatives which actively support employability of disadvantaged people.
(Ongoing) (UK, All Asset Classes)

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