We will manage resources responsibly and critically evaluate the environmental and health aspects of the materials and resources we procure and use in our buildings.


Materials Selection

Waste Diversion

Water Consumption

Targets Status
Materials & Resources

Waste Diversion

Achieve 75% diversion from landfill & incineration.
(2018) (Canada, Office)
Achieve 50% diversion from landfill & incineration.
(2018) (US, Office)
Achieve 60% diversion from landfill & incineration.
(2018) (Canada, Retail)
Achieve 50% diversion from landfill & incineration.
(2018) (Europe, All Asset Classes)
Achieve 85% diversion from landfill for all New Construction projects.
(2018) (All Regions, Office)

NOTE: Diversion rates lower than expected due to shifts in local and global recycling markets.

Establish a waste diversion rate baseline and reduction target.
(2018) (Canada, Hotels)

Develop and implement waste best practices across all Oxford Management Offices and Conference Centres.
(2018) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)


Develop and implement a program to divert organics from landfill where feasible.
(2018) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Sustainable Food Courts

Develop and implement sustainable food court standards.
(2019) (Canada, Retail)

Pilot sustainable food court in urban retail environment to enhance customer experience and increase waste diversion.
(2019) (Canada, Office)

Water Reduction

Achieve 10% reduction in potable water use by 2020.
(2015 base year) (Canada/US, All Asset Classes)

Pilot a permeable pavement solution to improve storm water management.
(2019) (Canada, Industrial/Retail)

Pilot smart water meters to improve the quality of water data and management practices.
(2021) (All Regions, Office)

Water Reuse

Install metering on all existing rainwater capture systems and benchmark portfolio water re-use performance.
(2019) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Conduct rainwater capture systems feasibility studies on all major renovation and new development projects where appropriate to inform potential decision making.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Pilot grey water reuse in an existing building and share results.
(2021) (Canada/Europe, Office/Retail/Industrial)

Environmental & Health Product Declarations

Request LEED v4 compliant EPDs (environmental product declarations) and LEED v4 compliant HPDs (health product declarations) for construction materials on all major renovation and new development projects.
(2019/Ongoing) (Canada/US, All Asset Classes)

Material Sourcing

All Oxford major renovation and new development projects to follow LEED v4/BREEAM credit requirement for raw material sourcing, where appropriate.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

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