Our Targets

We establish sustainability performance indicators and targets, and rigorously manage and measure performance across our portfolio.

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Targets Status
Climate & Energy

Carbon Emissions

Reduce scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions, on a per square foot basis, by 30% by 2025.
(2015 base year) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Procure electric vehicles for all new Oxford light duty/passenger fleet vehicles.
(2019/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Pilot the monitoring of embodied carbon for at least two major renovation/new development projects.
(2020) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Energy Efficiency

Achieve an Energy Star score of 80 for all of our office buildings.
(2018/Ongoing) (Canada/US, Office)

NOTE: Target achieved by 45% of sites in 2018; sites experienced an overall drop in scores due to Energy Star methodology change; target adjusted to 75 and extended to 2021.

Develop and implement global best practice energy performance standards for all major renovation and new development projects.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Procure 100% LED lighting
(2019/Ongoing) (Canada, Hotels)

Net Zero Carbon

Pilot the CaGBC Zero Carbon Building Standard for two new development projects to reduce carbon emissions.
(2021) (Canada, Office)

Pilot a long term energy/low carbon strategy for one master planned asset.
(2018) (Canada, Retail)

Renewable Energy

Develop 1,000,000 square feet of rooftop solar projects.
(2022) (Canada, Retail/Industrial)

Pilot a rooftop solar project to increase renewable energy generation.
(2020) (US, Office)

Procure 100% renewable electricity.
(2025) (UK, All Asset Classes)

Conduct a renewable energy generation feasibility study for all major renovation and new development projects, where appropriate.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Energy Storage

Pilot an energy storage project that utilizes batteries to reduce peak demand and energy costs.
(2018) (Canada, Office/Retail)

NOTE: Team continuing to review the business case and pilot opportunities.


Indoor Air Quality

Conduct global best practice annual indoor air quality testing and develop action plans where required.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, Office)

Nature & Design

Pilot a biophilic design project that enhances customer wellbeing and asset productivity.
(2018) (Canada, Retail)

NOTE: Target not completed due to challenging business case; target to be achieved at future developments.

Pilot Fitwel certification in at least one office building (2019) (CAN/US Office).

Customer Satisfaction

Conduct periodic customer satisfaction surveys and drive property level continual improvement.
(Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Customer Information

Provide building and surrounding area wellbeing information to customers.
(Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Materials & Resources

Waste Diversion

Achieve 75% diversion from landfill & incineration.
(2018) (Canada, Office)
Achieve 50% diversion from landfill & incineration.
(2018) (US, Office)
Achieve 60% diversion from landfill & incineration.
(2018) (Canada, Retail)
Achieve 50% diversion from landfill & incineration.
(2018) (Europe, All Asset Classes)
Achieve 85% diversion from landfill for all New Construction projects.
(2018) (All Regions, Office)

NOTE: Diversion rates lower than expected due to shifts in local and global recycling markets.

Establish a waste diversion rate baseline and reduction target.
(2018) (Canada, Hotels)

Develop and implement waste best practices across all Oxford Management Offices and Conference Centres.
(2018) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)


Develop and implement a program to divert organics from landfill where feasible.
(2018) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Sustainable Food Courts

Develop and implement sustainable food court standards.
(2019) (Canada, Retail)

Pilot sustainable food court in urban retail environment to enhance customer experience and increase waste diversion.
(2019) (Canada, Office)

Water Reduction

Achieve 10% reduction in potable water use by 2020.
(2015 base year) (Canada/US, All Asset Classes)

Pilot a permeable pavement solution to improve storm water management.
(2019) (Canada, Industrial/Retail)

Pilot smart water meters to improve the quality of water data and management practices.
(2021) (All Regions, Office)

Water Reuse

Install metering on all existing rainwater capture systems and benchmark portfolio water re-use performance.
(2019) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Conduct rainwater capture systems feasibility studies on all major renovation and new development projects where appropriate to inform potential decision making.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Pilot grey water reuse in an existing building and share results.
(2021) (Canada/Europe, Office/Retail/Industrial)

Environmental & Health Product Declarations

Request LEED v4 compliant EPDs (environmental product declarations) and LEED v4 compliant HPDs (health product declarations) for construction materials on all major renovation and new development projects.
(2019/Ongoing) (Canada/US, All Asset Classes)

Material Sourcing

All Oxford major renovation and new development projects to follow LEED v4/BREEAM credit requirement for raw material sourcing, where appropriate.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)


Placemaking Strategy

Develop a community placemaking strategy that brings people together and builds a sense of belonging, through meaningful programming.
(2018) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Volunteer Days

Support employees to engage in at least one dedicated volunteer day/year.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Community Programming

Cultivate spaces for philanthropic, entrepreneurial, and artistic partnerships within our leasable and common areas.
(Ongoing) (All Regions, Office, Retail)

Real Estate Education Leadership

Engage future generations on the benefits and values of the real estate industry through educational institutions and industry associations.
(Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

National Living Wage

Pay at least the National Living Wage to all staff employed directly by Oxford and encourage Tier 1 supply chain to pay the same.
(2022) (UK, All Asset Classes)

Job Creation

Develop and implement initiatives which actively support employability of disadvantaged people.
(Ongoing) (UK, All Asset Classes)


Green Building Certifications

LEED – Increase certified office space to 90%.
(2018) (Canada/US, Office)

NOTE: Target to increase to 95% in 2019.

BOMA Best – Increase certification to 100%.
(2018) (Canada, Retail)

NOTE: Target continues in 2019.

Green Key – Increase certification to 100%.
(2018) (Canada, Hotels)

NOTE: Target continues in 2019.

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