How We Performed

Customer Satisfaction

We have maintained our impressive service levels and continue to outperform InSite’s industry benchmark in every key area – satisfaction (93% vs. 75%) and recommendation (extremely/very likely to recommend the building – 80% vs. 50%). A key competitive advantage, which Oxford continues to enjoy, is our communication with tenants through 310-MAXX. We have continued to make strides in addressing client satisfaction with cleaning. Elevators and, to a lesser extent, HVAC are key opportunities for improving satisfaction in certain buildings.

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Customer Sustainability Engagement
(# of interactions)

Customer Sustainability Engagement is defined as the purposeful interaction with customers regarding sustainability matters. These interactions are calculated based on encounters through lobby and special building events, as well as customer green team meetings. The number of interactions has been increasing annually as our green team and lobby events have spread across regions and asset classes.

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