Employee Engagement

We conduct bi-annual employee engagement surveys to gather information on what we are doing well as an employer and what we can do to improve. We use the feedback to develop action plans to enhance our employees’ workplace experience and further our goal of being a preferred employer in the communities in which we operate.

O+Positive – Sharing Service Successes

O+Positive is an interactive blog designed to encourage Oxford employees to share their big wins and lessons learned in the pursuit of customer service excellence. Since its launch in late 2012, over 1,900 stories have been posted. The postings highlight the remarkable initiative and creativity of employees who go the extra mile to help customers and visitors – from escorting people with disabilities to their destinations and checking in on senior residents, to operational improvements and a host of other acts of kindness and service excellence.

O+ Positive logo
Photo of Bert Steenburgh
I use O+ Positive to share customer service success stories from our residential
properties and learn from the efforts of my colleagues.
Bert Steenburgh
General Manager, Residential Ontario

Managed with Pride

Managed with Pride is an application, like O+ Positive, which allows best practices, innovation, operation experiences and other learnings from our Real Estate Management Operational Platform to be leveraged for the benefit of others. In 2015, employees used Managed with Pride to share success stories on building energy reductions, new recycling programs, employee engagement programs, and emergency management best practices.

Managed with Pride logo
Jason Nazareth
I use Managed with Pride to communicate and promote best practices around water
management with my peers.
Jason Nazareth
Manager, Energy and Technical Services