Health and Safety

Oxford is committed to operating our business in a safe and effective manner by promoting practices that respect the environment. Our goal is to promote and foster a workplace that upholds high standards of health and safety for the benefit of our employees as well as our tenants, customers and visitors to the property.

We want our employees to be safe at work, and we have comprehensive policies and procedures, training programs, reporting mechanisms and communication protocols to help ensure a safe and hazard-free workplace.

We ensure that all employees are adequately trained to safely and competently conduct their respective jobs. Continuous training is provided, including: fundamental provincial health and safety legislation training for all employees during the course of their normal duties; job-specific orientation for all new employees and promoted and transferred staff; and first aid training for designated employees, with names of certified employees posted for all to see. A Joint Health and Safety Committee is in place and we have an internal system to ensure health and safety compliance is complete and monitored. We require that our contractors operate in accordance with our Occupational Health & Safety and Responsible Contracting Policies.

All properties complete periodic self-audits against Oxford’s health and safety standards, and each property develops action plans to address areas of concern. This results in a range of actions being taken, including additional training that reinforces the Company’s commitment to employees’ health and safety.

Photo of Keith Leclair
I communicate monthly with all Yorkdale employees around health and safety to keep
staff actively engaged in keeping the workplace safe.
Keith Leclair
Manager, Security