Managing Buildings Efficiently

Oxford develops and operates world-class, efficient properties by leveraging data, best practices and emerging smart technologies. We have developed Sustainable Thinking Operations Guides for each of our asset classes to ensure a coordinated, high-performing approach to sustainability. To access our guides, see the Downloads section of this report.

We take measures to minimize our environmental impact, improve health and wellness, and save money.

Our Operating Standards
We operate our buildings in a consistent manner to best in class standards. LEED is at the core of our sustainability operating standards for our US office portfolio, as described below.
LEED denotes “LEED” related requirement Green Lease denotes “green lease” related requirement
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Certification iconCertification

Existing buildings are certified to the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance standard. New buildings are certified to LEED New Construction: Core & Shell, with a plan to achieve LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance certification within five years.

LEEDGreen Lease icon
Benchmarking iconBenchmarking

Energy, water and waste performance are benchmarked at least annually using internal and external standards.

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Targets iconTargets

Targets for reducing energy, water and waste are in place and aligned with annual building budgets and plans.

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Energy Management iconEnergy Management

Best in class energy management practices are in place, including plans for building operations, preventative maintenance, recommissioning and continuous commissioning, capital expenditures, and measurement and verification of savings from energy capital projects.

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Water ManagementWater Management

Low flow fixtures are installed as part of every retrofit, and water efficient management practices are in place.

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Waste Management iconWaste Management

A waste management program is in place that includes appropriate bins and signage. At a minimum, the program diverts paper, bottles, cans, glass, fluorescent lamps, batteries and electronic waste from landfill, and an annual waste audit is conducted.

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Meters and DataMeters and Data

Main building utility meters are installed and periodically recalibrated. Real-time and billing data are regularly provided to a central Oxford platform.

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Tenant Engagement iconTenant Engagement

A strategy for engaging tenants on sustainability issues is in place that includes a joint landlord-tenant green team, one-on-one meetings with key tenant contacts, and sustainability-themed lobby events for all occupants.

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Signature Project iconSignature Project

Each building’s most significant sustainability project is identified and communicated annually.

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Sustainable Purchasing iconSustainable Purchasing

Building management purchases low mercury lamps, FSC™ certified paper products and environmentally preferred de-icing products.

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Materials iconMaterials

Preferred Materials – Preference is given to FSC™ certified wood products and high recycled content, low volatile organic compound (VOC) and locally extracted and manufactured materials where practical and economically feasible.

Discouraged Materials – Old-growth and exotic/tropical woods shall not be used and non-recyclable materials and materials from non-renewable sources are avoided wherever possible.

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Green Lease iconGreen Lease

A green lease is used as our standard lease form for new tenants and renewals.

Fresh Air iconFresh Air

The building meets the ventilation requirements of ASHRAE 62.1 and periodically tests indoor air quality to ensure it exceeds industry standards.

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Green Cleaning iconGreen Cleaning

A green cleaning program is in place that utilizes EcoLogo™ certified products.

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Alternative TransportationAlternative Transportation

Bike racks, electric vehicle charging stations, and preferred parking spaces for alternative vehicles are provided, consistent with customer demand.

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Community EngagementCommunity Engagement

We work with and give back to local communities through employee volunteering efforts and fundraising activities.

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Performance Review and Continual Improvement iconPerformance Review and Continual Improvement

Performance and improvement opportunities are reviewed on a regular basis and at least once annually with senior management.

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