Safety, Security and Emergency Response

Oxford’s industry-leading emergency management program protects people, first and foremost. We use a comprehensive platform, designed to keep people safe and secure and to strengthen the resilience of our properties and the environment:

  • We align with emergency management best-practice standards.
  • We regularly train our people and they participate in community-wide emergency exercises to strengthen our partnerships with community first responders.
  • We safeguard our properties’ critical business operations and systems, so that we are nimble and quick in the recovery phase of an emergency.
  • We embed continuous improvement in our program to learn from emergencies and strengthen our capacity to cope with, adapt to, respond to and recover from these challenging situations.

Emergency response plans in place at each property outline roles and responsibilities, actions to be taken, and internal and external responder contact information. These plans also address climate change, including risks and responses associated with extreme weather and floods.

We have rigorous programs for ensuring the security of customers and visitors to our buildings, and for addressing potential emergency situations. Our property management teams conduct regular training and safety inspections. Our security program is consistent with best practices developed by ASIS International and has been independently reviewed by third-party experts.

Employees make use of O+Positive and Managed with Pride forums to share best practices for safety, security and emergency response.

Photo of Neil Mathews
We have a comprehensive – and regularly tuned – program at Oxford to take care of
our customers during emergency situations that may arise at our buildings.
Neil Mathews, CPP, PSP, PCI
Manager, Emergency Management, Oxford Properties Group