Sustainability 2.0  is our approach to take Oxford to the next level of sustainability performance – by deepening and focusing our commitment for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Sustainability 2.0
Climate and Energy. We will be a leader in the development and operation of energy efficient, low-carbon buildings. Managed Portfolio, since 2010: 36% emissions reduction. Managed Portfolio, since 2010: 29% reduction in energy use. Since 2010: $60 million avoided in energy costs. Priorities: carbon emissions, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Wellbeing. We will incorporate world-class features and amenities in our buildings that support the success of our customers and help them live healthy and active lives. Managed Office Portfolio, since 2010: 100% air quality testing. As of 2016: Over 200+ wellness events. MNP 2017: First well certified new building in Canada. Priorities: indoor environmental quality, common areas and customer amenities.
Materials and Resources. We will critically evaluate the environmental and health aspects of the materials and resources we procure and use in our buildings. New Developments, 2015 to 2016: 24% recycled content in construction materials. Managed Office Portfolio, since 2010: 23% increase in waste diversion. Managed Portfolio, since 2010: 28% reduction in water use. Priorities: materials selection, waste diversion and water consumption. Community. We will engage our stakeholders, create outstanding buildings and places, and give back to our communities. Since 2012: 100K customers engaged in green teams and events. 2010 to 2016: $2.5 million raised for charities. 2016: 86% of customers believe Oxford is socially responsible. Priorities: partnerships, placemaking and volunteering.

Our Principles

Our Sustainable Thinking program is rooted in a set of Guiding Principles that drive everything we do in the area of sustainability, from the decisions we make to the actions we take.

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We strive to be recognized by our customers, employees, co-investors and the market-at-large as industry leaders in sustainability.


We continuously measure and benchmark our sustainability performance and drive improvements consistent with our fiduciary responsibility.


We foster innovation in technology and building management practices aimed at higher levels of sustainability.


We follow recognized high standards, work with industry-leading service providers, and engage in credible initiatives in our pursuit of sustainability.

Risks and Opportunities

We actively monitor and take action around the market, regulatory and economic issues related to and arising from sustainability.

Transparency and Engagement

We conduct ourselves in a transparent manner and engage our customers, employees, shareholder, co-owners, service providers and suppliers as active partners in pursuit of higher levels of sustainability.

Our Guiding Principles align with a precautionary approach to environmental stewardship and protection.

Our Goals

We know that our key stakeholders, including our customers, employees, shareholders and business partners, expect Oxford to be a leader in sustainability. Our leadership position on sustainability supports the following goals:

World-Class Organization

To become one of the world’s great real estate companies that attracts and retains outstanding people.

Superior Financial Returns

To deliver superior risk-adjusted returns that help pay the pensions of our shareholder, OMERS.

Exceptional Customer Service

To earn the respect of our customers and deliver exceptional service in everything we do.

Resource Conservation

To operate our buildings as efficiently as possible and conserve natural resources.

Social Responsibility

To proactively support and engage with our communities and protect our licence to operate.