For 60-years, Oxford has been connecting people to exceptional places.

Being a leader in sustainability has played a critical role in how we cultivate these connections, ensuring our positive impact extends beyond the four walls of our buildings.

Property-by-property, our teams set clear and transparent objectives to hold ourselves accountable. We do a lot of small things, and many big things too, that come together to make a difference today and into the future.

Here are a few highlights from our efforts in 2019:

  • We have 23% less carbon emissions on a per square foot basis than in 2015; on our way to achieving 30% by 2025.
  • Our rooftop solar footprint now totals more than 200,000 square feet; working towards our target of 1 million square feet by 2024.
  • More than 90% of our buildings have achieved an industry-leading green building certification for their region and asset class.
  • The Global Real Estate Benchmark (GRESB) ranked our sustainability performance in the top 3% of more than 950 funds.

We believe in making communities better than we found them. Our sustainability efforts will always reflect what matters most to our local stakeholders: Climate & Energy, Wellbeing, Materials & Resources and Communities.

There is a lot more we can do—and will do— as we work to deliver local results on a global scale.



Michael Turner
President, Oxford Properties
Photo of Michael Turner