Climate & energy




Carbon emissions
(305-1, 305-2, 305-4, 305-5, CRE3)1
(intensity in kg CO2e/ft2)
Exceptional 2021 market conditions have resulted in a temporary amplified reduction in carbon. It is expected, as the market continues to adjust, the reduction in emissions will also fall to a lower year-over-year variance.
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2025 Target
Total energy intensity
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Energy intensity, by asset class
(302-1, 302-3, 302-4, CRE1)1
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Energy consumption, by asset class
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Total energy consumption, by source
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Low-carbon energy, by source
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Rooftop solar energy target
(in ft2)
  1. 1. GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards


Sustainability performance data includes Oxford’s non-industrial directly-managed assets, third party-managed assets where Oxford holds a stake of 25% or greater, and Investa properties. Platform companies are otherwise excluded.