OMERS Governance

The Board of Directors (“OAC Board”) of OMERS Administration Corporation (“OAC”) consists of 15 voting members, 14 of whom are nominated by sponsor organizations and appointed by the OMERS Sponsors Corporation. All Board members (including the Chair) are independent of management. The Chair is also independent of any sponsor interest. The Board’s key responsibility is to set the overall vision and direction of OAC. The OAC Board delegates day-to-day business activities to management, and monitors and oversees management to ensure that its activities are consistent with the organization's vision, objectives and directional framework.

The OAC Board appoints the OAC President and Chief Executive Officer, who is not a member of the Board, and reviews his performance regularly throughout the year. The Human Resources Committee of the OAC Board is also responsible for appointing, on the recommendation of the OAC President and CEO, the President of Oxford.

As part of its commitment to transparency, the OAC Board has established a Disclosure of Board Decisions Policy, which sets out guidelines for reporting on decisions that affect retirement plan members. The Board also holds meetings each year with plan members and maintains frequent contact through meetings with member groups, the annual report, the corporate website, regular newsletters, benefit statements, presentations and correspondence.

OMERS believes well-run organizations with sound environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices will perform better, particularly over the long term. Integrating ESG factors into our investment approach is consistent with our objective to meet our long-term payment obligations to our members. OMERS has a Sustainable Investing Policy that guides activities in this area.

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Governance guarantee: 100% of OMERS Board members are independent of management