Our Principles

Our sustainability program is rooted in a set of Guiding Principles that drive everything we do in the area of sustainability, from the decisions we make to the actions we take.


We strive to be recognized by our customers, employees, shareholder, partners and the market-at-large as an industry leader in sustainability.


We continuously measure and benchmark our sustainability performance and drive improvements.


We foster innovation in technology and building management practices aimed at higher levels of sustainability.


We follow recognized high standards, work with industry-leading service providers, and engage in credible initiatives in our pursuit of sustainability.

Risks and Opportunities

We actively monitor and take action around the market, regulation and economic issues related to and arising from sustainability.

Transparency and Engagement

We conduct ourselves in a transparent manner and engage our customers, employees, shareholder, partners, service providers and suppliers as active participants in pursuit of higher levels of sustainability.

Our Guiding Principles align with a precautionary approach to environmental stewardship and protection.