Case Studies

Building Community in Strides

Running off the previous success of ‘the year of yoga’, we introduced an all-levels run program affectionately known as Oxford Stride.

Building-specific run clubs were offered as a complimentary amenity to office customers throughout the spring and summer months at our buildings in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, New York and Washington. The clubs met once to twice a week for a multi-week series with the intention to engage customers and promote wellbeing initiatives. Each program was designed for various levels, including those just learning to run.

Runs were led through some notable landmarks in each respective city, including Central Park in New York, Washington Monument in Washington, DC, Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canoe Landing Park in Toronto, and along the Eau Claire River in Calgary.

The run clubs built a great sense of community among our various customers as a chance to get to know new faces in the building and enjoy exploring the built environment around their work space.