Oxford governance

Oxford is led by a seven member executive team, including the Oxford President and Global Head of Real Estate. The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Company and for ensuring that investment and operational decisions are aligned with Oxford’s strategic plan.

Oxford’s Vice President, BTO and Platform Services represents the Sustainability Team’s strategies at the global operations and development committees, which consist of senior leadership from across all regions and key business lines. The committees help the Sustainability Team define the overall course for sustainability strategy, decide issues of most importance, establish targets and determine how we manage and report on performance.

ESG considerations are integrated into Oxford’s core decision-making processes as follows:

  • Decisions on the acquisition of new assets are guided by our ESG procedures and due diligence checklist which addresses a number of risk factors
  • Decisions on the design, construction and management of buildings are guided by our ESG procedures, leading green building standards and the strategic pursuit of green building technologies that drive financial returns and environmental performance