An interview with Michael Turner, President, Oxford Properties

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is about being a responsible corporate citizen. It is about setting goals, and sweating the details in-between. It’s also about leadership, transparency, and engagement, and doing our part to make the world a better place.

How does sustainability fit into Oxford’s strategy?

Oxford is committed to connecting people to exceptional places, and our sustainability practices and programs contribute to delivering on that vision. We are proud of the many ways we actively engage our global team and 2 million daily customers in sustainability and of the long list of accomplishments and industry firsts we have achieved.

What sustainability trends are you seeing right now?

Our customers’ interest in climate change, renewable energy, and health and wellbeing continue to grow and are key areas we are driving action. We’re also seeing an increased desire from customers for our help in defining tangible actions they can take to do their part.

What is different about Oxford’s approach to sustainability?

We have a culture that encourages all team members to own their role, exchange ideas, take smart risks and share their learnings. Our team is integrated across business lines and around the world, which is a tremendous advantage. We are ambitious and have high expectations, in sustainability and in all we do.

What are you most proud of around Oxford’s sustainability efforts?

I am most proud of our team’s disciplined execution. It’s easy to develop sustainability strategies and targets. It’s much harder to execute on them across asset classes and around the world, but our people do that consistently through the decisions and actions they take every day.

What can people expect from Oxford on sustainability going forward?

We will continue to lead on the sustainability issues that matter most to our customers and partners – low carbon buildings, renewable energy, wellbeing amenities, and healthy materials – all of which support our promise of creating exceptional places for our customers. And we will continue to set ambitious targets, and transparently report on our progress.

Michael Turner
President, Oxford Properties