We will incorporate world class features and amenities in our buildings that support the success of our customers and help them live healthy and active lives.


Indoor Environmental Quality

Common Areas

Customer Amenities

Targets Status

Indoor Air Quality

Conduct global best practice annual indoor air quality testing and develop action plans where required.
(2018/Ongoing) (All Regions, Office)

Nature & Design

Pilot a biophilic design project that enhances customer wellbeing and asset productivity.
(2018) (Canada, Retail)

NOTE: Target not completed due to challenging business case; target to be achieved at future developments.

Pilot Fitwel certification in at least one office building (2019) (CAN/US Office).

Customer Satisfaction

Conduct periodic customer satisfaction surveys and drive property level continual improvement.
(Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

Customer Information

Provide building and surrounding area wellbeing information to customers.
(Ongoing) (All Regions, All Asset Classes)

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